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Welcome to SKIL
Copyright Notice
What is Information Literacy
Information Overload
Brainstorming Search Terms
The Thought Process (Activity)

Module 1 - Searching Expertise

Skills You Will Learn
Searching Defined
Keyword Searching
Subject Headings via Keyword Search
Tools for Keyword Searching

Tips For Better Search Results
A Socrates Book Record
Fields in a Record
Author Search in Socrates (Activity)

  • Title Search in Socrates
  • Combined Search in Socrates

Subject Searching
Subject Headings in Socrates (Activity)

  • Subject Searching in Socrates
  • Browsing Subject Headings
  • Saving Searches

Where's Socrates?
Finding Help
Skills Review
Skills Assessment

Module 2 - Selecting Sources

Skills You Will Learn
Sources: Types of Sources

Even More Sources
Appropriate Source
Popular Magazines or Scholarly Journals?

Popular and Scholarly Periodicals (Activity)

  • Audience
  • Content
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Editor
  • Appearance
  • Frequency

What About Primary Resources?
Primary Resources at Stanford
Government Documents as Primary Resources
Skills Review
Skills Assessment

Module 3 - Databases

Skills You Will Learn
What is a Database?
Periodical Indexes
Detailed Record From a Periodical Index
Databases at Stanford
Your Assignment
Database Search (Activity)
- Stanford Users
- Non-Stanford Users

  • Searching A Database
  • Publication Type
  • Folders: Saving Results
  • FindIT@Stanford
  • Limiting/Expanding Searches

Searching for Periodical Titles
Periodical Titles in Socrates (Activity)

  • Microform

Microtext at Stanford
Format of Material
Skills Review
Skills Assessment

Module 4 - Locating

Skills You Will Learn
Organizing Material
Explaining Call Numbers : LC
Explaining Call Numbers : Dewey
Where Do I Find Call Numbers?
LC Classification
Call Numbers (Activity)
Government Documents Classification
Locating Print Periodicals
Finding Articles
Finding Journals Online
E-journals (Activity)
Interlibrary Services
How to Read the Record
Where to Find a Book or Journal
Stanford Auxiliary Library
Checking Out Materials
My Account
Course Reserves
Green Library Online Tour
Skills Review
Self Assessment

Module 5 - The Web

Skills You Will Learn
What's on the Web?
The Web
Search Engines
Other Search Tools
Tips for Web Searching
Search Engine Practice (Activity)
Uniform Resource Locator (Activity)
Groups on the Web
Dot What?
Starting with the Web
Starting with the Library
The Library: Quality over Quantity
The Library on the Web
Skills Review
Self Assessment

Module 6 - Use Criteria

Skills You Will Learn

Evaluating Web Sites (Activity)
Plagiarism and the Honor Code
Plagiarism? It's Your Call (Activity)
Tips for Avoiding Plagiarism
Citations and Style Guides
Bibliographic Tools
And then there's Copyright
Fair Use
Skills Review
Self Assessment

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