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What's on the Web?

Web: a complex, interconnected structure or arrangement

Isn't Everything on the Web?

Definitely not. Publishers and authors want to be paid for the work they have done, so they are protected by copyright laws. The cost of digitizing and the time it takes to digitize are also considerable obstacles. Much of what was not born digitally may never appear in a digital format.

What's the Invisible Web?

The invisible Web consists of searchable, specialized databases which include the hundreds of electronic sources that the library buys for authorized users. These invisible Web sources include periodical indexes, full-text electronic journals and electronic books. In contrast, the visible or public Web consists of what you can find using a general search engine, which locates sites that allow free, unrestricted access to a significant portion of the content.

Isn't the Public Web the Best Source?

While it can provide some high quality information, opinion and misinformation are also prevalent on the Web. Be a savvy consumer. Anyone can publish on the Web. Though experts may speak out on the Web, many scholarly articles are available only on the invisible Web.


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